Locos Por Juana

Locos Por Juana

Locos Por Juana is a 2x Grammy Nominated, bilingual Jam-Band formed in Miami, FL in the year 2000 most notably recognized by their electrifying dynamism onstage and their unique take of Afro-Caribbean Music. They’re sound is a distinct one, drawing from the members’ diverse backgrounds. Integral to Locos Por Juana’s style is the musical influence of Reggae, Dancehall and Ragga from Miami and the Caribbean; and Hip-Hop, Rock and Funk from the US, with the heat and soul of their hybrid style emanating from Colombia’s rich musical landscape.
Many have tried to define their style, the L.A. Times calls Locos por Juana “a funky, pan-Latin amalgam,” and referenced their “pulling listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico.” Miami New Times has regaled their 2008 American Grammy nominated release, La Verdad (Universal Music) as “the truth of a new multicultural, cosmopolitan generation, played out in the music that represents their cross-cultural connections.” and The Miami Herald dubbed them “Miami’s beloved Latin-Reggae-Hip-Hop mashup master.”


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